Featured Project


Featured Project

Rebranding of Marque Construction

Marque Construction is getting a new facelift and a whole new name!
Marque Construction has been a huge success and seen tremendous growth and has outgrown it small company look and feel. Say good by to just offering home framing on a small scale. Welcome a new animal to the large scale home construction market. Red Dog Construction is the pit bull of construction companies in the Wasatch Front of Utah.

old marque construction logo

The original logos purpose was to show that Marque Construction was a home framing company. It was successful with its professional appearance and for the company’s business model at the time.

new updated logo

Red Dog Construction is an animal to recognize and respect. Red Dog has survived and trived during the 2008 recession and now is a company to watch out for. The logo is to reflect the strong, loyal work ethic a well as a rememberance of a good friend who never gave up.